Worm Gears

We produce Worm Gears out of bronze or grey iron.

We have a stock of Worm-Gear milling tools to produce the toothings but we are also able to manufacture single teeth to cut the toothings.

Thus we are well able to produce worm gears based on sample pieces.


  • Module 2 –10 mm
  • Diameter up to 630 mm
  • Especially produced based on samples
  • Minimum root diameter of the corresponding worm: Ø >=20


The milling tool that has to be used to mill the toothing of a worm gear must fit exactly to the corresping worm.

I.E. module, number of starts, direction and pitch circle must be the same.

As these dimensions are not all standardized we often have go back to the production technique of cutting with a single tooth when we need to produce based on a sample.

Doing so, we grind or wire-cut a single tooth which is the same as the milling tool's teeth.

Worm drives are based on friction therefore for the production of worm gears only materials with good sliding characteristics can be used. That is the reason why worm gears are almost exclusively made of bronze or grey iron.

Worm Gear