One of our strength is the machining of long shafts. Our capabilities:

  • Module 1 to 12 mm
  • crowning or conical modification possible
  • Toothing diameter up to 300 mm
  • Swing diameter up to 640 mm
  • Max. length between chuck and tip 2100 mm
  • Spindle bore diameter 168H7
  • Max. length of workpiece ca. 4000 mm
  • Straight sided splines with ground profiles up to 1600 mm

To produce toothings on shafts use our horizontal CNC-gear milling machine from Gleason-Pfauter with tip-with 2100 mm.

On this machine we are able to mill toothings of a length of 2000 mm in one clamping. Several toothings on a long shaft can also be milled easily on that machine.

Examples: Transportation rollers, deformation rollers, breaker mill rollers and gear shafts of all kinds.

Pinion on hobbing machine
Hobbing Machine with Pinion