Involute Splines

We produce involute splines and serrations according to almost any standard.

  • Module 1 to 12 mm, DP32/64 to DP5/10
  • crowning or conical modification possible
  • Toothing diameter up to 300 mm, swing diameter up to 640 mm
  • Max. length between chuck and tip 2100 mm
  • Spindle bore diameter 168H7
  • Max. length of workpiece ca. 4000 mm
  • Straight sided splines with ground profiles up to 1600 mm


  • DIN 5480, DIN 5482, DIN 5481
  • ANSI B92.1, BS, SAE
  • NF E 22-141, JIS, ISO 4156
  • and others!

We can also produce almost any other special toothing.

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Involute Splines and Serrations are used to connect rotational elements such as a gearbox-shaft and a coupling.

The flanks of the teeth are usually involute curves as the flanks of normal gear wheels. These can be milled efficiently and also the inspection is easily done by the help of measuring pins.

Some straight sided spline profiles exist (not parallel flanks) these are calles serrations or serrated shafts.

German Terms: Zahnwellenprofil, Passverzahnung, Kerbverzahnung

  • Hobbing an involute spline DIN 5480 on the machine
  • Palette with involute splines DIN 5480
  • Involute Spline DIN 5482 on a Hobbing Machine