Spur Gears for Gear Boxes

Gear Wheels hobbed (milled)

We produce Wheels for gears with involute tooth flanks according to all common standards, e.g. DIN 867 or DIN 3972.

With metric module but also with imperial pitch DP or CP.

Apart from these standard toothings we are able to manufacture all toothings with non-standard pressure-angles oder pitch/module.

  • Module 0,5 - 12 mm, also DP and CP
  • Ø 10 – 800 mm

Gear Wheels ground

  • Module 2 – 15 mm, also DP and CP
  • Ø 20 – 800 mm
  • Tooth length bis 400 mm
  • DIN Toothquality up to 4
  • any corrections like crownings and retractions


Toothings of gear wheels are usually made with a pressure angle of 20°. In former times also 15° pressure angle was common.

The pressure angle is the angle of elevation of the tooth flank at the pitch diamater.

A smaller pressure angle leads to a steeper flank and a slim tooth. With a bigger pressure angle the tooth gets thicker at the root and stronger in total.

hobbed toothing

ground toothing
Workpiece with tool