New Gear Cutting Machines December 2008

In December 2008 and January 2009 we installed two new gear cutting machine of Gleason Pfauter.

Both in gear shaping and gear hobbing we produce gears on state-of-the-art CNC-controlled machines now. This improved our quality and reliability, in your interest!

Our new gear hobbing machine Pfauter P350 hobs (mills) toothings up to diameter 450 mm and up to 600 mm long. Crowned gears and profiles made by form cutters can easily be produced on this machine.

The new gear shaping machine Pfauter P500S can cut internal and external toothings on parts up to diameter 900 mm. The maximum tooth length we can produce on this machine is approx. 200 mm. We have most up-to-date machines for all three areas of gear cutting now. With these investments we stay one of the leading manufacturers for custom and small series gear cutting.