Formula Student 2014

In 2014 again we gave support to several teams of the Formula Student.

In the Formula Student teams of universities worldwide take part and perform races on the famous race tracks of many countries. Among them, in Germany, is the Hockenheim Ring where the event took place at the beginning of August.

In Hockenheim 115 teams from 26 countries took part.

Each team has to develop and build a race-car of its own. to keep up with present development the formula has been divided into cumbustion and electric drive.

Due to safety reasons speed and time does not count during the "races". Instead technique and endurance count!

By the development and realisation of the cars students earn a lot of experience in technique and realisation of complex projects.

We were happy to support 12 teams from various German universities with toethed parts and know-how this year.