History of the Kautz Zahnradfabrik

Hugo Kautz founded the Kautz Zahnradfabrik as a machine factory in Wuppertal near Duesseldorf in 1920. Since around 1940 the company has focused on the production of gear wheels. It was family owned until 1998, at last managed by Friedrich Dicke, the grand child of Hugo Kautz. He directed the business most successful for more than 45 years.

In 1998 Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Gräfe, a Dicke family friend, succeeded Friedrich Dicke in the management of the Kautz Zahnradfabrik.

At present the Kautz Zahnradfabrik has about 20 skilled workers and employees who are strongly committed to their work. The production range comprises any toothed parts as gear wheels, pinions, toothed couplings, driving shafts.

During the last years Kautz has invested enormously into modern machines. Through these Kautz is able to serve all customer needs.